This is just the start...

Taking care of the planet is important to us, but we won’t pretend that we are experts when it comes to sustainability. We are learning everyday, just like so many! We have ensured that we surround ourselves with those that understand sustainability from all angles. From fulfilment and distribution, fabrics and factories, packaging and all the little details that make your orders that little bit special! 

Our first promise to you is that we won’t pretend we know it all, but we will continue to educate ourselves and work with the best to improve our practices. We already work closely with our factory partners and fabric suppliers when it comes to the materials and methods we use. We are constantly researching with them new and innovative ways that we can make, produce and dye our garments. We have big plans for the brand over the next 12-months, such as off-setting our carbon emissions and becoming a carbon neutral business, exploring (and hopefully achieving) B-Corp certification, continuing to work closely with our factories and supporting their workers. There are endless possibilities for us to improve our sustainability mission!

Our second promise is to always ensure that we never over order on stock. The thought of our garments ending up in landfill is not a thought we wish to have. We will always look at the data, listen to our audience and only order the stock that we know is going to be purchased and loved. And whilst we hope that our audience love their garments so much they wear them endlessly for years, we know that sometimes you just need to clear out the closet and get rid of things you may not have worn in a while, or pieces you may have grown out of. That’s why we encourage our audience to either donate or resell their garments using second-hand selling apps (like Depop). Hopefully one day we can look to bring in a ‘recycle’ scheme where you can send older garments back, where we can recycle and reuse the materials. We will figure it out, because this is just the beginning!

Thank you for supporting us, and thank you for choosing to shop more sustainably by choosing us. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!