About Us

Welcome to the beauty of adaptability

We start with a good look. Then we put it to work. Every piece in any of our collections are multifunctional, with gymwear that dresses up and beachwear that transforms effortlessly to barwear. We design for lives that never stop and times that don’t stand still.  Looking good is great. But being ready for anything’s even better. Enjoy both with Bluee.


Meet the founder

This whole thing began with the idea of butterflies. Their amazing transformation from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, it reminds me of the journey we all go through as women.

I appreciate so much how we all go through such different journeys too. It can be a fitness journey, a journey to having a family, to chasing a career, or whatever.

But every butterfly is unique too. None have the exact same patterns or color. Yet they're all so beautiful, each in their own way, just like women.

I have loved butterflies since I was a bub, I used to collect caterpillars and look after them until they flew out of my window, fully formed. I was always mesmerized.

Inspired by this, I wanted to create simplistic, chic, comfortable pieces for every body. I wanted to create a brand that felt warm and friendly and made every woman feel welcome."